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Behind the name . . . 

The Protea flower, which dates back millions of years,  can be found on the slopes of Haleakala and Big Island.

The Protea flower is a symbol of courage, change, hope and transformation.


We believe in humanity, and we believe in the change that is possible when we come together to act in favor of ourselves and our planet! 


Bring an empty reusable container from home. Don't have one? We have some for purchase as well :)

We'll weigh your container, and record its weight before filling.

You'll fill your container with organic eco friendly products

for you & your home. 

We'll weigh your filled container before check out.

Weigh, pay, and be on your way. Aloha !


Inviting people to do their part in taking care of our earth through a zero-waste lifestyle.

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