Guide to Zero Waste


From all of us here at Protea to you, we've created a comprehensive Guide to Zero Waste, and we want everyone to have it - for free!

Our Guide to Zero Waste mini e-book is an overall Zero-Waste how-to. We dive into WHY we should make the switch to a lower-waste lifestyle, and more importantly, HOW. 

We cover the different waste-making areas of our lives, to help us all become more aware of the waste we are producing. We then provide concrete & simple ways to reduce your waste in each of the following areas:

  • in the kitchen

  • while grocery shopping

  • in the bathroom

  • household cleaning

  • while on the go

The guide ends with 3 Basic Principles to keep in mind as you're making the transition to a more sustainable lifestyle, and an at-home activity that will help you find out the specific areas in your own life where you can reduce your waste.

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