Inviting people to do their part in taking care of our Earth through a zero-waste lifestyle.




Protea was created as a response to the world’s plastic pollution and waste epidemic that the beauty and cleaning product industry are a large part of.  The current form of consumption is no longer sustainable, causing environmental damage, and change needs to happen.


At Protea, we want to invite people to do their part in taking care of our Earth. By reducing one’s waste through eliminating plastics, buying in bulk and supporting natural products we can lessen the negative environmental impacts associated with our consumption. To strengthen our community and reduce dependence on foreign product, Protea is dedicated to supporting local products and vendors here in Hawaii.


It’s simple, we believe in humanity and the change that is possible when we come together to act in favor of ourselves and our planet.




Lori is an environmentalist and policy advocate with a degree in Environmental Studies from Hawaii Pacific University. Originally from Texas, Lori has spent the last 10 years of her life living around the world in California, Brazil, and now Hawaii. From saving all the wrapping paper at Christmas as a little girl, to currently pushing to ban all single-use plastic in Hawaii, a zero-waste store was all in divine timing. Zero-waste is a new practice for Lori, where she is constantly learning and growing to embody this lifestyle as much as possible. When she is not working on Protea or advocating at the state legislature, she can be found spending time with her husband and two poodles, dancing, hiking, going to the beach, and practicing yoga.

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