All the right shaves in all the right places! Unlike a typical safety razor, this zinc and stainless steel razor has a pivoting head which allows you to shave every inch of you from your head to your toes. Razor designed for men and women.


All Leaf Razors are 100% plastic free, and are made to last.


This razor is chrome color (pictured) and comes with a pack of 20 blades. Additional replacement blades are sold separately.


You can load 1, 2, or 3 blades into this razor.


How to load the razor:

  • Grab two double edge blades
  • Snap double edge blades in half. Keep paper on blades for protection
  • Place the first blade down - The grooves and magnet of the razor should hold the blade in place
  • Once you’ve loaded the desired amount of blades, turn the dial on the top of the razor to secure


*** Does not come with stand. Stand sold separate (will be offered online soon).

Leaf Shave Razor

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